Nature notes and reference charts are pages I assembled as inserts to the Nature Observer News or as study aids for my Nature Journaling workshops.  They are targeted to the nature of western Pennsylvania but many are useful in adjacent states.  Click on the title to open the page.

There are many more charts, checklists and study sheets on the Nature Observer Outdoor Journal site.

Anatomy of a Caterpillar

Batesian Mimicry

Bird Adaptations for Flight

Butterfly or Moth: What’s the difference?

Chemistry of Autumn Leaves

Estimating the age of trees

Equinox and Solstice Times, 2011

Types of Fruit

Waterfowl Checklist, w. PA

Waterfowl Checklist, Florida

Wildflower Bloom Schedule, May 24 - June 8

Wildflower Bloom Schedule, June 8 - June 30

Wildflower Bloom Schedule, July 1 - July 15

Wildflower Bloom Schedule, July 16 - August 10

Wildflower Bloom Schedule, August 5 - September 10

Wood Warbler Checklist, w. PA 

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